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Mobility Bus Service

Please call 226-908-2827 for Mobility Transit Line (Bookings)

  • The City of Owen Sound provides a door-to-door transportation service for residents of the City with mobility limitations that restrict their ability to use the City's conventional accessible public transit system
  • The service uses a wheelchair accessible bus and operates Monday to Friday between 6:30am and 6:00pm and Saturday between 9:00am and 4:00pm
  • Transit passes and trip tickets are valid on both conventional and mobility transit services
  • There is no transit (conventional or mobility) service available on Sundays or Statutory Holidays
  • To use the Mobility Transit service, an approved application is required. Applications can be obtained at the City Hall, the Transit Terminal, the Library, Public Works or you can print off a Mobility Transit Application
  • Information on any bus detours or cancellations can be found by calling 519-376-9139.

Mobility Transit service is intended for those persons who, due to a functional limitation, cannot board, ride, or disembark from City of Owen Sound's Accessible Conventional Fixed-Route System. The criteria are:

  • The inability to walk one City Block or to the nearest bus stop from their home or place of residence for either the initial or return trip (400m) and/or

  • Insufficient endurance or stamina to tolerate a bus ride with multiple stops and/or transfers and/or

  • Insufficient cognitive ability to understand the accessible conventional transit system and/or manage transfers and/or

  • Disorientation to environment thereby inhibiting safe and independent use of accessible conventional transit.

How to apply for Mobility Transit Service:

  • Client to fill out Part A of the Mobility Transit Application.
  • Client is then to take or send the application (Parts A and B) to their health care professional to have Part B completed. Both Part A and Part B must be completed in order for your application to be considered.
  • Clients identified as having a permanent disability by their health care professional will not be required to have Part B completed for subsequent applications.
  • Return the completed application (Parts A and B) to the Owen Sound Transit Terminal at 1020 3rd Avenue East, Owen Sound, ON N4K 2L2

There are three categories of eligibility for which the applicant can apply for; those being:

  1. Unconditional - A person with a disability that prevents them from using the accessible conventional transportation services
  2. Temporary - A person with a temporary disability that prevents them from using the accessible conventional transportation services
  3. Conditional - A person with a disability where environmental or physical barriers limit their abilities to consistently use conventional transportation services such as persons with a visual disability, persons who use canes, crutches, walkers etc. as winter conditions (October 15th to April 30th) such as ice and snow prevent the safe usage of the mobility equipment, or persons with disabilities that may have periods when their condition worsens.

Each applicant must fully complete an application form including section B which must be completed by your health care provider. The term of a Mobility Transit pass, once approved, is three (3) years.



1 - 5 years old   




All others


Monthly Passes




Senior Citizen 






For further information please see the City of Owen Sound's Mobility Transit Policy or to obtain a copy of the Application Form by mail please contact the City of Owen Sound:


226-908-2827 Mobility Transit Line (Bookings)

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