Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater Rates

2022-2023 Water and Wastewater Rates

In consideration of staff report CR-22-053 respecting Water and Wastewater Rates for 2022-2023, Council has approved on May 30, 2022 that the water rates will increase by 5% over the 2021-2022 water rates.

Effective July 1, 2022
2022-2023 Water and Waste Water Rates

Water Meter              Diameter

Monthly Service Charge

15mm                           5/8 in

$  27.05

18mm                           3/4 in

$  32.94

25mm                              1 in

$  42.65

38mm                         1 1/2 in

$  62.22

50mm                             2  in

$  121.25

75mm                             3  in

$  199.25

100mm                           4  in

$  297.09

150mm                           6  in

$  394.93

200mm                           8  in

$  590.61

Monthly Water Consumption Charges:

Block #                                      1                                    2

Block Limit per month         110m                            Balance

Rate per M3                         $ 1.52                            $1.71

Note:  1m3 (cubic meter) = 220 gallons (or 1,000 litres)

All rates shown are for properties within the boundaries of the City of Owen Sound. Rates for properties outside the City of Owen Sound boundaries are double the amounts shown above. The monthly service charge plus applicable wastewater charges will constitute a minimum bill during a month without water consumption.

Wastewater Charges:

The wastewater rate is 124% of the customer's total water charges (water consumption charge plus water service charge).

You can also view a printable version of our water and waste water rates.

2022 Water and Waste Water Services Budget

For information regarding the budget, please refer to our 2022 water and waste water budget.

How to Pay your Water Bill 

The City of Owen Sound has a number of options available to our customers for payment of your water bill:

  • In person: At City Hall during normal business hours. We accept payment by cheque, cash, or debit.
  • Cheques: Cheques may be dropped in the after hours drop box located at the front door of City Hall - please include the detachable portion of your bill. We recommend that you place your cheque in a sealed envelope with 'water billing' written upon it. Please do not place cash in the drop box.
  • At your bank or trust company: Pay at the teller or through an ATM. You are responsible to pay any service charges levied by them. Please take the entire bill with you.
  • Internet/telephone banking: Most financial institutions offer the "City of Owen Sound" or "Owen Sound City" as one of their payments. Be sure to pick "Water" and not taxes to ensure that your payment is applied to the correct account. 
  • Mail: You may mail your cheque to City Hall - please include the detachable portion of the bill.

City of Owen Sound - Water Billing Department 
808 2nd Avenue East 
Owen Sound, ON N4K 2H4

  • Pre-authorized payment (PAD) plan: Payments are automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date of each bill.
  • Credit card: Payments may be completed through Paymentus. This secure, third-party online payment provider accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express for a convenience fee. Online: PaymentusOver the phone: 1-888-253-8916Guidelines:
    • There is a processing fee of 2.5% for credit card transactions.
    • The maximum payment is $5,000.00 per transaction. Multiple payments can be made as separate transactions towards your account.
    • Please allow up to two business days for processing.
    • You will receive an e-mail confirmation of payment for online payments or a confirmation number by phone.
    • You will need your 11 digit water account number to make a payment.

Payment must be received at City Hall by the due date to avoid penalty. A late payment charge of 1.5% (18% per annum) is calculated on the amount outstanding and will be added to the water utility account on the 15th of each month after the due date, and on each 15th of the month thereafter. 

For more information, questions, or comments please contact our Utilities Collection Clerk at 519-376-4440 ext. 1243 or waterbilling@owensound.ca.

Understanding your Water Bill

Water billing in the City of Owen Sound is billed every three months.

To provide clarity and transparency, we have designed a water bill template offering an explanation of the bill structure.
See sample bill.

Water Billing Cycle Map

Did you know that the first three digits of your utility account indicate when your water meter will be read?

For the account number 007.009221.00, the 007 indicates that your meter will be read on cycle 7.

Refer to our Water Billing Cycle Map to find out the meter read dates and due dates for your cycle. 

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Enrolment

Set up a pre-authorized debit plan to pay your Water Bill conveniently and efficiently. Payments are automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date of each bill. Residents are provided the convenient option to either:

Returned payments (i.e. NSF) are subject to a $40.00 charge as well as penalty charges. 

To be eligible to enroll in any of our PAD plans, there must be no outstanding arrears on your water account. 

Paperless Billing (E-Billing) Enrolment

Paperless billing offers a convenient, timely, effective, and environmentally friendly way to receive your bills. These e-bills will look the same as your paper copy and your billing cycle will remain the same. 

If you would like to enroll, please complete the paperless billing enrolment form. You will no longer receive a paper copy of your bill. 

Water Billing Forms (Banking Change, PAD Cancellation, Mailing Address Change & More)

Below you will find the forms required to change your banking information, cancel a PAD plan, update your mailing address, and change the name on your water bill. 
Forms are fillable and can be emailed to waterbilling@owensound.ca, mailed to City Hall, or dropped off in person to City Hall. 

Banking Information Change

If you are currently enrolled in our pre-authorized debit plan and wish to update your banking information, 
Banking information Change Request form must be submitted along with a new void cheque. 

Pre-Authorization Cancellation

If you would like to end your enrollment in our pre-authorized debit plan for water billing, please return the completed
Pre-Authorization Cancellation form to us at least 10 days prior to your next due date.

Mailing Address Change

Do you own property in Owen Sound, but would like your water bill to be mailed to an alternative address? 
Please fill out a Mailing Address Change Request form.

Water Billing Name Change

Would you like to add, remove, or change a name on your water bill?

Please fill out and return the completed Water Billing Name Change Request Form.  

If you are a tenant moving into a new residence in the City of Owen Sound, please fill out a billing designate form (not a water billing name change request form). 

Property Sale/Purchase Form

If you are purchasing or selling a property within Owen Sound, please complete the Property Sale/Purchase Form.

Please advise us of your upcoming move at least 14 days prior to the closing date.

Billing Designate Form

If you are a tenant, you and your landlord must complete and sign a billing designate form. A billing designate form authorizes the City of Owen Sound to activate a water billing account in a tenant's name for the period that they will be residing at a rental property.

A billing designate form must be signed and completed in its entirety before a new water billing account will be opened. 
Failure to do so will delay the process of transferring a water account into the tenant's name(s).

You may either mail, email, or drop-off in person the completed form at least 14 business days prior to the move-in date.

* For instructions on how to add a digital signature, please read our digital signature instruction sheet. 

Home Owner Information Package

For questions and answers about buying and selling your home within the City of Owen Sound, please refer to the 
Property Tax and Water Billing Home Owner Information Package. 

Water Conservation Tips

 Helpful ways to conserve water

Water Leaks

Guide to Detecting Water Leaks 

If you have a water leak that goes undetected, your water use will increase leading to higher consumption charges, and ultimately, higher water bills.  

To help avoid such instances, we have created a useful water leak detection guide for your reference. 

Even a small drip can have a huge impact on your water bill. To estimate how much water is wasted on a daily/monthly/yearly basis in your household, visit DrinkTap.org*. 

* Please note: this is for estimation purposes only. 

Water Leak Adjustment Form

Customers may seek an adjustment to an unusually high water bill due to an undetected leak that has been fixed. 
We will offer a one-time leak adjustment per property, if the criteria below is met: 

  • An adjustment will be considered after all leaks have been repaired and verified with an actual meter reading;
  • Adjustment shall not be considered for disputed bills that are over six months old;
  • Payment equivalent to a normal usage bill is required during the review process to keep your account current;
  • This form must be completed and returned within twenty one (21) days after receiving the unusually high water bill.

For instructions and to fill out the form, please download our Leak Adjustment Form

Wastewater Treatment Process & Information

The City of Owen Sound Wastewater Treatment Plant is located on the eastern shore in Owen Sound, on 3rd Avenue East, just north of the Bayshore Community Centre.  

Wastewater is thoroughly treated to ensure it is safe for the public's health and the environment. For a detailed description of each treatment stage, download our wastewater treatment brochure: The City of Owen Sound's Wastewater Treatment Process.

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