Current Projects

The City of Owen Sound implements capital projects each year to improve City infrastructure for residents.

The City's current Capital Budget is provided on our corresponding webpage. To see how current projects impact the amount of taxes that you pay, visit our Property Tax page.

For certain projects, the City of Owen Sound benefits from Infrastructure Canada's federal gas tax funds.


Below are a few examples of what the City is currently working on:

 Brooke Basin A3 Master Plan and Environment Assessment

Brooke Drainage Basin A3 is the area east of 8th Avenue West to Georgian Bay and bounded by 18th Street West in the south and 22nd Street West in the north.   The study will review alternatives for improvements to the main watercourse starting at the City/Georgian Bluffs boundary in the North West corner of the study area and extending downstream to the outlet at Kelso Beach Park.  A long term plan to address several drainage concerns along the drainage corridor will be formulated. 

The Municipal Class environment assessment is nearing completion but was placed on hold due to COVID-19.  Public Consultation will start in fall of 2022.

Please find below a link to the Master Plan and supporting documents.

Master Plan Report

Master Plan Appendices

Master Plan Drawings

Brooke Basin A3

16th Street East Rehabilitation - Phase 2

16th Street East rehabilitation Phase 2 involves the replacement of roadway asphalt and watermain.  The limit of construction is from 16th Avenue East to just east of 18th Avenue East.

Construction is expected to be completed Fall of 2022.


 16th Street East Phase 2 - Issued for Construction 

Construction Newsletter 2022

Media Advisories 

Lane Reductions - 16th Street East 16th Avenue East to 18th Avenue East 

Asphalt Resurfacing 

2022 Asphalt Resurfacing work includes; repairs to existing maintenance holes and catch basins, replacing sections of curbs and sidewalks, subsequently followed by milling and paving of the roadway. Preparation for this work is expected to begin in August with a completion date of the end of September.

Temporary lane closures may be required and drivers may experience some delays.

Work will be performed between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday to Friday

 List of Locations

10th Street A West from 6th Avenue West to the end

6th Avenue West from 7th Street West to 8th Street West

1st Street East from 5th Avenue East to 7th Avenue East

5th Avenue East on 1st Street East

23rd Street West from 6th Avenue West to 8th Avenue West

20th Street East from 16th Avenue East to 20th Avenue East

4th Avenue West from 8th Street West to the end

6th Avenue East from 4th Street East to the end

8th Street East from 8th Avenue East to 9th Avenue East 

9th Avenue East Watermain Replacement

This project involves replacing or constructing new City infrastructure along with rehabilitating the 9th Avenue East (Highway 6/10) road from Superior Street to 10th Street East.


The project is anticipated to be constructed in two phases over 2023 & 2024. The second phase timing would be coordinated with successful application for Connecting Link funding.


Learn more about this project here.

Bell Fibre to the Home

On August 31, Bell Canada announced the expansion of pure fibre Internet service to homes and businesses in Owen Sound. Part of Bell’s capital expenditure acceleration program for investment in national next-generation network infrastructure, the expansion program will bring all-fibre broadband access to approximately 10,000 additional locations in Owen Sound by 2023.  


What work is being done?

Bell is expanding its fibre Internet service to homes and businesses in Owen Sound.

Will there be road closures during construction?

There is typically no requirement to close roads for our work.  During the permitting process, in advance of construction, any specific traffic concerns are identified and reviewed, and traffic services are engaged before construction begins.

Will I have access to my driveway?

Access to driveways should not be impacted. Any requirement for equipment to be set-up in front of driveways will be communicated ahead of construction and permissions will be obtained.

How long will it take to do the work on my property?

The majority of work will be done on the municipal right-of-way. However, some work may take place on the portion of the residents’ property that is municipal property or on registered easement. If there is a need for work beyond that, residents will be contacted. Rest assured that once work is complete, neighbourhoods will be returned to the way they were before construction began, as soon as weather permits. 

Will my internet service be impacted during construction?

It is unlikely that communication services will be affected by the construction work.  Please contact your (internet) communication service provider to report any issues as soon as possible so that they can be addressed.  

Will I have access to my business?

Yes. If any circumstances should arise where entry to a business is affected, the constructor will reach out in advance of any work to discuss potential impacts.

Will customers be able to access my business?

Yes. If any circumstances should arise where entry to a business is affected, the constructor will reach out in advance of any work to discuss potential impacts.

Who do I call if I have questions about this work?

Door knockers will be provided 48 hours prior to construction. Contact numbers are provided on the door knocker. Pickards will be working on behalf of Bell.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work with Bell to expand and install service as quickly as possible.

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