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Service Review

Over the 2022-2026 term of Council, Service Review is anticipated to achieve direct and indirect savings of approximately $2 million, equivalent to 10 per cent of the gross operating budget.  

Implementing the Service Review Priority Opportunity Action Plan has created the first-of-its-kind, three-year work plan for the City Manager and Strategic Leadership Team, elevating the accountability and transparency of the organization.  Adopting the recommendations and 53 actionable opportunities identified in the plan will improve administrative operations and sets a clear policy and role directive from Council; that is, to ensure that the municipality’s financial and organizational resources are being used as efficiently as possible.  The funding required for the Service Review was from the Ontario Municipal Modernization Fund.

Service Review Actions

Click through to see more details about each Recommendation's actions, their current statuses, and related reports.

The 'Action Number' has three unique identifiers:
The first number – references the Recommendation in the Service Review Implementation Plan. Link to the Plan as presented July 17, 2023.
The lowercase letter refers to the goal of the recommendation.
The last number refers to the specific action to accomplish the goal.

Using Action number 2b.3 as an example, the ‘2’ identifies “Recommendation 2: Leverage existing technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.” The ‘b’ identifies the goal “Expand the use of tablets to leverage digital processes.” The 3 identifies one of the specific actions “Implement a policy for Mobile Technology”.

The Consolidated Timeline Chart:
In the consolidated action timeline chart, each of the actions listed has a unique project timeline.

The proposed actions are scheduled to be completed over the next three years with varying start and end dates.

The GREEN shaded box signifies when Staff will begin working on the project. The GREY shaded box(es) signify the time the project is being actively worked on. The delivery of the project corresponds to the last grey box associated with the project.

Outline of how to read service review action numbers and timelines

The Gantt chart linked below outlines the expected timelines of each Action.

Click here to open the Service Review Action Consolidated Timeline chart in a new tab.

Project Charter:
A project charter is a formal short document that states a project exists and provides project managers with written authority to begin work. A project charter document describes a project to create a shared  understanding of its goals, objectives and resource requirements before the project is scoped out in detail.

Project charters are an important part of project management, as they help plan out the basics of a project and can be referenced throughout the project's lifecycle. The formal document can also show a project's viability and possible return on investment, helping the work get approved.

The project charter helps project managers explain to participants and stakeholders the scope of a project, project objectives, who will participate in the project, along with other details such as possible risks.

Here’s a short YouTube video about Project Charters – this content was not developed by the City of Owen Sound but is a good resource.

Project Lead:
• Responsible - for the project - plan it, develop a schedule, assemble the project team
• Design - Designing with adoption and usage in mind, integrating the people side
• Manage - managing schedule, risk, and the budget
• Connection - point person for vendors and independent contractors and managing their services

Project R.A.C.I.
The RACI matrix is a project role and responsibility assignment chart that maps out every task, milestone, or key decision involved in completing a project and assigns which roles are Responsible for each action item, which personnel are Accountable, and, where appropriate, who needs to be Consulted or Informed.

Here’s a short YouTube video about the RACI Matrix – this content was not developed by the City of Owen Sound but is a good resource.

Project Sponsors:
• Support - Supporting the change by giving consistent attention to the change
• Champion - Championing the change by leading and motivating others in the organization
• Align Priorities - Making effective and influential decisions regarding the change, including aligning priorities among other leaders in the organization
• Accessible - Maintaining direct communication with the project management/change management teams and being accessible during the change
• Influence - Influencing peers to maintain buy-in and participate in a coalition of sponsorship

The Municipal Modernization Fund was announced by the Government of Ontario in 2019 to help small and rural municipalities deliver more modern and efficient services, often through the use of technology.

Modernization funding is awarded through two intake streams: a Review stream to fund service delivery, administrative expenditures, or budget reviews; and an Implementation stream to undertake projects that increase municipal efficiency and effectiveness based on the findings of previous reviews or evidence-based reports.

Owen Sound used the Modernization grant to prepare the 2023 Service Review for $108,000.

Completed third-party service review reports must be posted for public information as a requirement of Modernization Funding. Owen Sound’s Review is listed in the tab below.

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