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Climate Change Adaptation Plan

The City of Owen Sound has developed a Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan to understand the impact that climate change has on City services and infrastructure.

The purpose of the plan is to increase the resiliency of those City infrastructure and services. Increased resiliency will reduce service disruption and increase service reliability equating to a more liveable community.

The Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan identifies climatic threats and impacts to infrastructure and services and then evaluates and prioritizes efforts by assessing the vulnerability and the risks to Owen Sound’s physical, economic, social, and ecological systems.

Based on the vulnerability and risk assessment, the plan prioritizes practical and effective actions to minimize impacts and build climate resilience across the corporation.

Adaptation is an essential response to climate change. It complements mitigation efforts and focuses on reducing the negative impacts of climate change. Adaptation and mitigation are not mutually exclusive and some actions will benefit both mitigation and adaptation. Even with mitigation efforts underway, the City needs to build resilience to ensure the adaptability of infrastructure and services to climate changes.

The Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan recommends specific measures to enhance the City’s ability to cope with the impacts and risks associated with climate change.

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