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Victoria Park Master Plan

The Victoria Park Master Plan is a framework for development of the 15.7 hectare site. Victoria Park was donated to the City by the federal government in 1842 and has historically been used for many activities, including the annual fall fair since 1852, horse racing, snowmobile racing and sports.

Notably, John 'Daddy' Hall (1783-1900) the area's first Black settler constructed his home on the grounds of Victoria Park, and the site is included on the established Freedom Trail historical route.

The Plan focuses on six influences for the site; Cultural, Natural, Recreational, Historical, Agricultural, and Visual.

  • With the construction of the Julie MacArthur Reginal Recreation Centre (JMRRC), a section of the former oval race track was removed. Some of the track remains for use during the annual fall fair and for other events.

  • The large grandstand that serviced the race track is no longer needed for racing events, and is too far from the sports field for viewing events in the current configuration.
  • The sports field and track are in good condition, but some consideration is to be given to reviewing an artificial turf option to extend the early and late season period.
  • A band of natural escarpment links the upper Victoria Park portion of the site to the lower St. George's park portion of the site. Some selective removal of invasive tree species to establish sightlines and connect Victoria Park to the wider landscape is suggested as an option.
  • The St. Georges Park portion of the site now functions primarily as a ball diamond and community garden on the former tennis courts.
  • The plan highlights the need to define entrances both above and below the escarpment, and develop trails linkages within the site, and well as adding physical linkages to the wider trails network in the City.
  • There is high potential for developing active transportation routes from the JMRRC to the downtown core and other sectors of the City.
  • The Master Plan makes special note of the artistic community and history in the City of Owen Sound, and recommends this site as a location for public art, sculpture, interpretive signage.

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