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Kelso Beach at Nawash Park Master Plan


The Kelso Beach at Nawash Park Master Plan describes the state of the 9.12 hectare urban waterfront park. The Plan is a tool to guide decision-making, and ensure Kelso Beach at Nawash Park continues to meet the needs of residents and visitors. Final approval was received by Council at the February 13, 2023 Council Meeting.

  • Kelso Beach at Nawash Park is 9.86 hectares, classified in the Recreation, Parks and Facilities Master Plan as a “City Park”.
  • Kelso Beach Park is located in Anishinaabe Territory and was a site that supported seasonal hunting and fishing grounds for local indigenous populations.
  • The Park is named after Henry Kelso, an educator and coach at Brooke and Victoria Public Schools from 1886 to 1922; when he was later transferred to Strathcona School.
  • Kelso Beach Park is home to several significant and well attended events including Summerfolk, Canada Day Celebrations, Salmon Spectacular, and Keystone Family Fun Festival. 


In 2022, the City undertook a process to review and update the 2010 Kelso Beach Master Plan to continue to meet the needs of the community and to ensure operational activity and the City’s capital planning reflects the priorities of the community. The process included a review of the 2010 plan, a review of existing conditions, background research
as well as a public survey and stakeholder consultation.

The study makes 29 recommendations, and includes an overall plan for the site. The recommendations are categorized into three key themes: 

  • Cultural Heritage and Community;
  • Amenities and Services; and, 
  • Park Operations.

Cultural Heritage and Community

  • Designate Kelso Beach at Nawash Park a Cultural Heritage Landscape;
  • Update the Official Name of the park to Kelso Beach at Nawash Park;
  • Encourage and support ongoing culturally appropriate programming at the
    Gitche Namewikwedong Reconciliation Garden;

  • Support and promote the use of Kelso Beach at Nawash Park for special events;
  • Supply and install a flagpole proximate to the Giche Namewikwedong
    Reconciliaton Garden to fly the Saugeen Ojibway Nation Flag.

Amenities and Services

  • North Washroom Replacement;
  • Playground relocation and replacement;
  • Wayfinding Signage;
  • Update and improve park entrances;
  • Parking area improvements;
  • Decommission the ball diamond;
  • Gitche Namewikwedong Reconciliation Garden Noise Abatement;
  • Amphitheatre Accessibility Improvements;
  • Support the establishment of a canteen and/or a beach rental service;
  • Create regulation beach volleyball courts;
  • Modify the main stage pavilion to permit operation as an open air or closed facility (similar to the Farmer’s Market);
  • Create park boundary delineation abutting the Eddie Seargent Parkway and north park boundary;
  • Construct shade sails in strategic locations;
  • Upgrade electrical infrastructure; and, 
  • Pave the waterfront trail section from Kelso Beach at Nawash Park north to 3rd Avenue West at 24th Street West.

Parks Operations 

  • Trial an improved waste management strategy for Kelso Beach at Nawash Park;
  • Develop an annual operations plan including a beach maintenance program;
  • Create a tree planting plan;
  • Update building and structure conditions assessments;
  • Remove scrub trees and shrubs form the shoreline;
  • Improve and extend the usability of the sportsfield with slot drainage;
  • Augment the annual pothole maintenance program in existing park areas;
  • Shoreline protection and stabilization; and, 
  • Evaluate service levels and operational capacity.

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