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Construction and Resurfacing

The City of Owen Sound services and maintains over 280 lane kilometres of roadway, approximately 100 kilometres of sidewalks, six municipal parking lots, and various walkways, steps, and paths.  Each year, millions are invested in our roads to ensure they are safe for travellers throughout the region.

2024 Asphalt resurfacing program locations:

  • 7th Avenue East from 6th Street 'A' East to 7th Street East 

  • 14th Street West from 4th Avenue West to Alpha Street

  • 9th Avenue West from 60 m south of 10th Street to end 

  • 20th Avenue East from 20th Street East to 23rd Street East 

  • 1st Avenue East from 11th Street East, approx.100 m North

Alpha Street Reconstruction - 6th Ave W to 9th Ave W

This project involves reconstructing Alpha Street from 6th Avenue West to 9th Avenue West (Grey Road 17B) and is now planned to be completed in one phase.

The project scope includes reconstructing the Alpha Street roadway, replacing all the failing municipal underground infrastructure and constructing a new active transportation route (paved multi-use path) on the east side of the road as well as tree planting.

The planned construction period is April through December 2024. 

The total project budget is $9.8 Million.

For more detailed project information please visit  


Downtown River Precinct - 1st Ave E; 900 block

This is the second of two phases of construction to implement the Downtown River Precinct plan on 1st Avenue East. This project and budget will be focused on the road and surface infrastructure reconstruction within the City's road allowance on 1st Avenue East - 900 Block as well as the Crown Patent lands between the roadway and river.

The project will rehabilitate the roadway, construct new sidewalks/multipurpose/streetscaping areas along the east side of the road, improve drainage/storm water management and include the installation of new decorative lighting in accordance with the approved River Precinct/River District design criteria. An additional allowance has been made to enhance the Crown Patent lands and construct a boardwalk on the west side of 1st Avenue East.

The planned construction period is May through October 2024. 

The total project budget is $2.01 Million.

For more detailed project information please visit


9th Ave E Looping Watermain Construction - Phase 2 - Superior St to 6th St E

Construction in 2024 will complete the second phase of looping watermain from Superior Street to 6th Street East.

The overall focus of this project is to improve municipal water security of supply to part of the East Hill and all of the East Hill Reduced Pressure Zones by constructing a new East Hill Pressure Zone "looping" watermain that is parallel to the existing 9th Avenue East watermain between Superior Street and 8th Street East.

The planned construction period is July through October 2024. 

The total project budget is $1.50 Million.

The project's first phase involved constructing a new looping watermain in 2023 on an existing City owned utility corridor from 6th Street East to 8th Street East.

After this second phase is completed in 2024, the existing watermain on 9th Avenue East can be replaced when 9th Avenue East/Highway 6/10 road reconstruction proceeds in a future year. The City has applied for Highway 6/10-9th Avenue East - Superior St to 6th St E Connecting Link funding with a proposed construction year of 2026. MTO is expected to announce Intake 9 eligible projects by April 2024.


Master Storm Water Management & Drainage Study 

This ongoing project involves conducting a storm water management and drainage study for the entire City.

The purpose of the study is to review the City's existing storm water infrastructure, complete analysis and assessment to identify deficiencies in the system and areas that are prone to sewer surcharging and flooding. This will provide the basis for a capital plan to address maintenance and capital priorities that will reduce flooding in and liability for the City and increase resiliency and/or provide adaptation in response to climate change (more frequent and intense storm water events).

The planned study period is January through December 2024. 

The total project budget is $370 Thousand.


Install New Decorative Streetlights - River District

The 2024 project will involve commencing with pole and luminaire replacement on 2nd Avenue East - 1000 block. This block has been recently identified as having the highest need in terms of aesthetics and condition due to the advanced state of pole corrosion. All streetlights and streetlight poles have been replaced in the 800 and 900 blocks of 2nd Avenue East and the newest existing decorative steel/metal poles in the 700 block were refinished in 2021 to extend their service life and address aesthetic concerns. 

None of the decorative banner poles have been replaced to date but their replacement should be addressed in future phases.  Currently, it is expected that the streetlight and pole replacement on 10th Street East would be completed before any banner pole replacement commences. 

This is an annual program intended to eventually replace all of the existing Metal Halide, Low Pressure Sodium and High Pressure Sodium decorative streetlights, streetlight poles in the River District with more efficient and effective LED lighting and concrete or improved corrosion resistant steel poles. 

The planned construction period is February through December 2024. 

The total project budget is $100 Thousand.

Capital Budgets plan for spending on the City's assets and infrastructure. While regular repairs and maintenance are budgeted for under operating, the capital budget plans for major rehabilitation, replacement and new capital assets.

Capital projects enhance and improve the lives of everyone in the City. Under the direction of Council, this Capital Plan includes projects that will provide the most benefit to City residents, businesses and visitors. These projects make the best use of funding opportunities to extend the value of every tax dollar.

Click here for detailed multi-year capital road projects in Owen Sound.

If you have a roads issue that requires attention, please complete the Report A Concern form here.

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