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Urban Design

The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) provides direction on matters of provincial interest related to land use planning and development. The long term prosperity of Ontario depends on planning for strong, sustainable, and resilient communities.

The PPS applies to all decisions relating to a land use planning matter. The City's Official Plan is the most important vehicle for implementing the PPS. Comprehensive, integrated, and long term planning is best achieved through Official Plans.

The Owen Sound Harbour & Downtown Urban Design/Master Plan Strategy is part of the Official Plan and provides guidance for improvement in the harbour and downtown area.

In 2000, the City undertook the creation of the master plan to integrate the redevelopment potential of the downtown and harbourfront with public infrastructure. The goal of the plan is to establish the right mix of activities, development, and infrastructure investment that will reinforce the strength of the downtown and harbour. The Owen Sound Harbour & Downtown Urban Design/Master Plan Strategy sets a positive direction to create a climate of redevelopment.

The Street Furniture & Sidewalk Patio Design Guidelines direct the appropriate design and furnishings for sidewalk patios and ensure the safety and accessibility of pedestrians.

The guidelines are a part of the Harbour and Downtown Urban Design/Master Plan Strategy.

To apply for a sidewalk patio, please submit a Sidewalk Patio Application to the Planning and Heritage Division.

The Residential Tree Preservation Policy provides guidelines for planting residential trees. The goals of the policy are:

  • To care for existing trees, woodlots and natural features;
  • To offer landscaping at the street line that does not conflict with neighbouring properties;
  • To even out steep banks with ground cover and trees;
  • To select plants that are ecologically sound;
  • To select plants able to survive all seasons;
  • Use native plant species; and
  • Avoid use of invasive plants.

Feel free to reference the Residential Tree Preservation Policy.

Need further information?

The Citizen's Guides to Land Use Planning are Provincial government publications providing a summary of the key aspects of land use planning. Explore the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website for information on planning, local government, and housing.

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