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Building and Renovating

Cloudpermit is now live! 

This means all City of Owen Sound building permit applications will be submitted online - anywhere, anytime, from any device.

The Cloudpermit building permit system will allow you to apply for, and to see the status of, your application anywhere, at any time. You will be able to start an application and finish it later and receive email updates on the status of your permit application. Inspection requests can also be made for permits that were applied for on Cloudpermit.  

To start, create your Cloudpermit account by visiting the Cloudpermit platform here. Once registered, you can apply for building (or sign) permits and track their progress online. 

How-to Video Guides and Support Materials

Cloudpermit has a variety of resources to help you – check out Cloudpermit Support for instructions on the basics and watch the instructional videos below to learn how to use the software:  

How to Submit a Building Permit Application


Applicants can work on a permit application at their own pace - all information will be saved on their account.  They can only submit it after all relevant fields have been completed/uploaded. 

See the video below for details on how to get started with a building permit application:



All parties involved can use the portal's online messaging system to communicate with City of Owen Sound's building team.  Watch the video below to see the three ways to access the message feature:



Request a building inspection anytime, anywhere, from any device through the Cloudpermit portal.  See the video below that explains how to easily do this:



If you are thinking of building or renovating your building, please review the following links for more information:

Additionally, we are pleased to provide the following link if you require information on sign permits. Sign permits can now be applied for on Cloudpermit.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Cloudpermit

Cloudpermit is an online system that allows applicants to apply and track building permit applications at any time, and anywhere.

Permit applications can be started and completed at a later time, also with the option to receive emails of updates on your permit application.

Questions or messages can be sent to and from the City's building team through Cloudpermit, and payments can be made through the portal as well.

Cloudpermit is designed to streamline processes, helping the City handle permits more easily, quickly, and clearly.

By removing the need for paper submissions, it speeds up the process a lot, which saves everyone time and money.


Centralized Platform: Cloudpermit has one main place to handle all permit tasks, like applications, approvals, and tracking.

Convenience and Accessibility: Since it's online, you can use Cloudpermit from anywhere, anytime, with any device that has internet. This makes it very flexible and convenient.

Automation: Cloudpermit does many tasks automatically, so there's less paperwork and minimizes the potential for errors.

Real-time Updates: Users get updates on their permit applications right away, which makes communication better and the process more clear.

All parties involved can use the portal's online messaging system to easily communicate with the City of Owen Sound's building team. 

No, through Cloudpermit you can work on the permit application at your own pace, so it can be started and completed at a later time.  All information will be saved on your account and you'll also have the option to receive emails of updates on your permit application.

You can only submit your application after all relevant fields have been completed/uploaded.  If your application is missing any information, the errors will be listed at the top of the page when you attempt to submit it.

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