Planning and Heritage

The Planning and Heritage Division is part of the Community Services Department. This division carries out two distinct yet related mandates:


Guides, regulates, and makes recommendations regarding community growth and development in a manner that protects the environment, enhances the quality of life, and promotes a complete community.

The Planning and Heritage Division establishes with Council and the community the policy that sets the direction for future growth and development applications in the City. In reviewing a variety of development applications, the Planning and Heritage Division ensures new development and redevelopment within the City reflects this vision and is consistent with the Provincial Policy.


The City's heritage policies give high priority to implementing plans and initiatives to enhance and revitalize the City's downtown core and waterfront, and emphasizes preservation and celebration of our unique history through architectural conservation and historical interpretation. 

What else does the Planning and Heritage Division do?

  • Leads the Development Team and coordinates, reviews, and provides recommendation on development applications
  • Processes all applications under the Ontario Planning Act as well as the Community Improvement Plan and Ontario Heritage Act
  • Conducts research and prepares policy to abide by legislation and provide clear and consistent services to the ratepayer
  • Administers the Committee of Adjustment
  • Implements the City's Heritage Work Plan
  • Shares and interprets land use planning information for other departments, agencies, and the public to assist them in making informed decisions
  • Reviews all building permits for compliance with the City's Zoning By-law

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