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Building Division

Mission Statement

To effectively administer the provisions of the Ontario Building Code and enforce City By-laws in a manner that protects the general public and ensures the City remains a pleasant and attractive community in which to reside and visit.

Services & Responsibilities

The Building Division of the Community Services Department of the City of Owen Sound provides a variety of services and has a number of responsibilities – click on any of these links to get more information:

  • Issue Building Permits (building, plumbing, conditional, demolition, change of use, tent) required to construct, renovate and/or alter existing or new buildings or structures;
  • Issue Sign Permits (commercial, Community Event, portable, inflatable, sandwich, etc.) in order to regulate signs and other advertising devices;
  • Inspections of projects under permit to ensure that the Ontario Building Code, Zoning By-laws and all other applicable laws are upheld for the duration of the project;
  • Preparation of Statistics for use by federal, provincial & municipal agencies, the Building and Development Industry, as well as the media.

The information listed above is a summary only. For clarification of any question, concern or issue, please contact the Building Division.

Chief Building Official
Kevin Hicks

For more information, please contact us at:

City Hall
Building Division
808 2nd Avenue East
Owen Sound, Ontario,  N4K 2N4
519-376-4440 ext 1275
fax 519-371-0511


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