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Strategic Planning

The City Manager is responsible for communicating the vision and mission of the Corporation and ensuring that the Strategic Plan represents the direction provided by City Council and the community.


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Strategic Plan

Download the Strategic Plan - Approved by Council July 20, 2015
                                                      Council Resolution Number R-150720-009

The City of Owen Sound Asset Management Plan

The services provided by a municipality are central to the experience of both residents and visitors alike. Physical assets owned and maintained by the municipality are essential for providing those services. An issue facing all levels of Government across Canada is aging infrastructure and the related financing needs associated with maintaining those assets.

The purpose of an Asset Management Plan is to help preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life within a municipality by systematically managing assets in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner. The objective of the City of Owen Sound Asset Management Plan is to:

  • Provide levels of service that meet the needs of the community;
  • Provide an asset management process that is effective, achievable, and efficient;
  • Develop operating, maintenance, and capital financial plans that support the defined levels of service;
  • Manage the assets in a sustainable manner; and
  • Enable the collection, coordination, sharing, and communication of information in support of all the above

Download the Asset Management Plan - Approved by Council March 31, 2014


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