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Sign Permits

The Building Division is responsible for processing and issuance of Sign Permits regulating permanent and portable signs and other advertising devices. All signs must comply with the City of Owen Sound Sign By-law. To obtain a Sign Permit for a project which does not comply with the Sign By-Law, a minor variance is necessary; please contact the Planning Division.

Sign Permit Applications & Fees

When is a Sign Permit Not Required?

A Sign Permit is not required for:

  • signs posted on the interior surface of any window or glass door in any building in any zone except in R1, R2, R3, R4 and RS zones
  • any sign displayed in the interior of any building
  • awnings and marquees that do not project over a street except that any sign thereon shall be subject to the provisions of the Sign By-law

A Sign Permit is not required for the following, but such signs shall be subject to the provisions of the Sign By-law:

  • Commemorative Signs, Plaques or Cornerstones
  • Contractor Signs
  • Flags
  • Inflatable Holiday or Festival Signs
  • Personal Identification Signs
  • Political Posters
  • Private Directional Signs
  • Private Notice Signs

How Do I apply for a Sign Permit?

Submit a completed application form, including all plans, drawings and other materials as required, written authorization of the property owner and the permit fee to:

City Hall
Building Division
808 2nd Avenue East
Owen Sound, Ontario,  N4K 2N4
519-376-4440 ext 1275
fax 519-371-0511

Your application will be checked for compliance with the Sign By-Law and you will be advised if any modifications are required. Your Sign Permit will be issued when all necessary approvals have been obtained and all fees have been paid.

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