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The Curry House

994 2nd Avenue East, Owen Sound, Ontario
Open: Tuesday-Saturday
Specials Available until: March 13, 2016
Phone: 519-371-2777
Price: $22

Savour Owen Sound at The Curry House -- For a real, dining experience!

Winterlicious - Savour Owen Sound

The Curry House




Samosa: fried pastry filled with green peas, potatoes and onions, served with a savory sauce for dipping.



Chicken Saag: A wonderful blend of chicken curry and spinach, made with fresh garlic, onions and tomatoes. Served with naan and rice.


Garlic Chili Beef: For those not used to spicy food, this is a great introduction! Marinated and barbequed beef  in a thick sauce prepared with peppers, onion and different flavored spices, and garnished by fresh chili pepper and sliced garlic. Served with naan bread and basmati rice.



Indian style Rice Pudding


Taxes and gratuity extra.

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