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Points of Interest GPS Co-Ordinates


Visitor Information Centre (N44.57143, W80.94793),

1. Grey Roots   (N44.52262, W-80.94079),
2. Billy Bishop Museum (N44.56629, W-80.94765),
3. Marine & Rail Museum (N44.57143, W-80.94793),
4. Tom Thomson Art Gallery (N44.56434, W-80.94497),
5. Airtime Bike Park (N44.58268, W-80.93308),
6. Public Library (N44.56403, W-80.94444),
7. City Hall (N44.56419, W-80.94307),
8. Farmers’ Market (N44.56402, W-80.94336),
9. Skateboard Park (N44.57298, W-80.94471),
10. Roxy Theatre (N44.56581, W-80.94188),
11. Mill Dam & Fish Ladder (N44.55983, W-80.94487),
12. Harrison Park (N44.54526, W-80.93849),
13. Black History Cairn (N44.54689, W-80.93739),
14. Inglis Falls (N44.52607, W-80.93438),
15. Jones Falls (N44.56071, W-80.99038),
16. Bayshore Community Centre (N44.57949, W-80.93515),              
17. Kelso Beach Park (N44.58010, W-80.94715),
18. Victoria Park/Coliseum/Fairgrounds (N44.57093, W-80.93257),
19. Transit Terminal (N44.56841, W-80.94174),
20. Children’s Peace Labyrinth (N44.56773, W-80.93917),
21. Centennial Tower (N44.55782, W-80.92615).

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