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Long Term Waste Management Plan

Planning for Sustainability : Long-Term Waste Management Plan 2007 - 2031

Owen Sound City Council adopted the Long Term Waste Management Plan on October 22, 2007 following a comprehensive public process.

The plan describes measures the City can take to minimize the amount of waste destined for final disposal and maximize waste diversion. The plan was developed by Lura Consulting, a Canadian environmental consulting company.

The Long Term Waste Management Plan process was designed to solicit public input from the inception of the planning exercise.

Notice of Commencement letters were sent to local stakeholder groups at the beginning of the study. Public forums to obtain public and stakeholder input were held on November 2, 2006 and January 18, 2007. Lura Consulting conducted a telephone survey of 385 randomly-selected households to poll residents on their attitudes about existing programs as well as waste diversion and disposal options. Residents were also able to complete the survey on-line through the City website.

Finally, the draft Plan was released in August 2007 for a 30-day comment period before it was finally presented to City Council.

Long Term Waste Management Plan [PDF]

The following Appendices are attached as a single PDF file below:

  • Appendix A: Report on the Public Participation Program
  • Appendix B: Facility and Service Review
  • Appendix C: Residential Waste Management Baseline Survey
  • Appendix D: Waste Characterization
  • Appendix E: Source-Separated Organics Composting Options
  • Appendix F: Project Charter
  • Appendix G: Disposal Options

Appendices [PDF]

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