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Canada 150th & Owen Sound 160th Celebration Committee

A committee comprised of members of City Council, members of the public and community partners who will develop, promote, collaborate, implement and evaluate Owen Sound’s community celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Canada - Strong. Proud. Free and the 160th Anniversary of Owen Sound as well as other notable anniversaries including but not limited to:

  • 50th Anniversary of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery
  • 70th Anniversary of Beth Ezekiel synagogue (Canada’s only remaining small town synagogue)
  • 100th Anniversary of the death of Tom Thomson
  • 100th Anniversary of Billy Bishop receiving the Victoria Cross
  • 100th Anniversary of Tommy Holmes receiving the Victoria Cross
  • 15th Anniversary of Doors Open Owen Sound

2015 Members

Councillor Koepke, Councillor Lemon, Councillor O'Leary; two members of the public; community partners with staff support.

Additional Information

Administration for the Canada 150th & Owen Sound 160th Celebration Ad Hoc Committee is conducted through the Community Services Department.



  1. Identify potential partners that will allow the celebration to expand within the community, be inclusive and be promoted by a variety of groups
  2. To develop and implement a community celebration around Canada 150th and Owen Sound 160th.
  3. To establish through Council an appropriate budget for the event and need for staff resources to support the event.
  4. To develop a comprehensive fundraising and sponsorship plan for the event.
  5. To oversee an application to the Canada 150 Fund to support the community celebration.
  6. Oversee implementation of the celebration event during 2017.


DEVELOPMENT: Committee will set the short and long term goals for the celebration and ensure that they are being met.

COLLABORATION: Committee will identify and work with partners to brand and promote cooperation and cross promotion between the numerous major events in the City during 2017 in keeping with theme of Strong, Proud and Free. 

PROMOTION:  Committee will oversee the planning and implementation of a promotional campaign to encourage participation in the events by people from Owen Sound as well as to attract visitors and tourists to join the celebration.

FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: In accordance with City policies, Committee will work with Council and partners to develop a program for the celebration and a budget and other resources necessary to support the implementation of the celebration within the budget established as well as oversee an application to Canada 150 to support the event financially.

IMPLEMENTATION: Committee will provide the necessary guidance to staff and volunteers to undertake the delivery of the celebration in 2017. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: Committee minutes will be provided to Council for approval.

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