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Buying a Composter

Kitchen Organics Container

Kitchen Container

In a continuing effort to encourage Backyard Composting, the City of Owen Sound is selling kitchen compost containers at-cost to City residents.


These kitchen compost containers are specially designed to keep odours in, fruit flies out and to be easy to clean. They are available at City Hall and the Owen Sound Public Works Facility at 1900 20th Street East, at a cost of $7.00 each.

For further information contact Owen Sound Public Works
(519) 376-4274



Backyard Composters

Earth Machine

The City is pleased to offer backyard composters for purchase by City Residents. The composters are purchased by the City and sold to residents for ½ the original purchase price. For this reason, these composters are only available to residents of the City of Owen Sound.

The Earth Machine is available for $20.00, an excellent value.


The Composter Comes With A Detailed Instruction Book.

All You Need Is:

  1. Organic Stuff
  2. Moisture
  3. Air

Composting is as easy 1-2-3. The finished product can be used in your garden, for house plants, around trees, on your lawn or shared with your friends and neighbours!

Compost units can be picked up at
the City of Owen Sound Public Works Division, 1900-20th Street East
or call 519-376-4274 for more information.

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