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Heritage Register

Register of Properties of Cultural Value or Interest

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Cultural Heritage “is everything from the past of human origin, that a Community values in the present and wishes to pass on to the future” (Provincial Policy Statement on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website)

Our Heritage tells us who we are, where we have come from and what we have accomplished. It is a source of strength and confidence that puts the changes of society into perspective and helps us to build a better future.

Tannahil Funeral Home - 1178 4th Ave WestOwen Sound is home to a rich and diversified, yet sometimes hidden, built heritage featuring many century-old buildings of historical and/or architectural significance.

The Ontario Heritage Act (Section 27(1)) requires that municipalities maintain a current register of properties of cultural heritage value or interest. This register must include all properties that are designated under Part IV of the Act and also may include other properties that Council believes are of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest.

More information regarding the Heritage Register may be obtained from the Ministry of Tourism & Culture website and the Ontario Heritage Tool Kit.

Originally, an inventory of Owen Sound’s Heritage was started in 1977 by the City’s Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee. This inventory contained 96 properties. In June of 2004, City staff began updating the Inventory and access was provided on-line.

In 2006, the Heritage Register was updated to include 30 additional properties. Today there are over 145 properties on the Register.

Although only a selection of information is available on this web site, the official Heritage Register is available for viewing at City Hall under the following categories:

  • Property Name
  • Historical Significance
  • Location
  • Architect
  • Legal Description
  • Builder
  • Initial Owner
  • Compatibility with Surroundings
  • Present Owner
  • Physical Condition
  • Verified Erection Date
  • Modifications of Original Design
  • Building Type
  • Architectural Description
  • Date of Ontario Heritage Act Designation


The City’s Property Inquiry form has been updated to include a report regarding the status of a property on the Register.

Your knowledge in contributing to the City’s Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest is a vital part of preserving the history of these buildings and sites. If you detect an error or have additional information you would like to share, please forward your comments to the Owen Sound Heritage Planning Co-ordinator at, by phone at 519-376-4440 ext.1275 or by mail to Owen Sound City Hall, 808 2nd Avenue East, Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 2H4

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Nominate a Property for the Heritage Register

Owen Sound has a brochure and an application available on-line for the nomination of properties to the Heritage Register. The property owner and/or other persons may make nominations.

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