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Garbage Bag Tags

What is the user pay for garbage program?

User Pay for Garbage attaches a value to the garbage we place at the curb for collection. The program started the week of July 12, 1999.

Why do we need a user pay program?

The Genoe Landfill ceased regular operations on May 31, 2005. All garbage is now taken to the Miller Waste Transfer Station and then shipped to a Michigan Landfill. Please note: If you have more than four bags of garbage (the bi-weekly allowable limit for collection) you can take it directly to the Miller Waste Transfer Station but DO NOT put a bag tag on it as Miller Waste will still charge you their disposal fee.
A User Pay program makes Waste Management everyone's responsibility and it will help all of us realize how much garbage we produce each day.

How does it work?

Residents can purchase tags individually at City Hall, Public Works and The Library for $2.50 each or in groups of five for $12.50. All retail outlets selling bag tags will only sell in groups of five for $12.50.
You may set out up to four bags or containers of garbage every other week for collection by City crews. If you live in the downtown core, waste is collected every week and there is a three-bag limit.
To use the bag tag, tie your garbage bag as you normally would with a twist tie and then place the bag tag around neck of the bag and stick the glued sides of the bag tag together. Do not use the bag tag in place of a twist tie. If you are using a garbage can, please place the bag tag on the top bag of garbage in the can.
If you require them, Bag Tags may be purchased at City Hall, the Works Department and retail outlets displaying the City of Owen Sound Bag Tag sign. Bag Tags may be purchased for $2.50 each in lots of five.

Can I use a garbage can?

You can use a garbage can, regular garbage bag or leaf bag as long as each container weighs no more than 18 kilograms (40 pounds). Containers weighing over 18 kilograms will be left at the curb.

Fees and Purchase Outlets

  • Each and every bag or container of garbage set out for collection by City crews must have an Owen Sound Garbage Bag Tag. Each bag or container must weigh no more than 18 kg. (40 lbs.).
  • Bag Tags can be purchased individually for $2.50 each at City Hall and Public Works.
  • Bag Tags may also be purchased in lots of 5 for $12.50 at the following locations:

Coloured Bag Tags

The new series of Owen Sound Garbage Bag Tags will be neon blue and green to reflect the official City of Owen Sound logo colours. The new tags will begin to appear in October 2014 at local City of Owen Sound Bag Tag retailers. The current neon pink and blue bag tags will continue to be honoured for curbside collection and the bag tag fee remains unchanged at $2.50 per tag.

Bag Tag Locations

Bag Tag Retailer Location List

Central Variety

314 8th Street East

Daisy Mart

389 14th Street West

Foodland Grocery Store

915 10th Street Wes

Giant Tiger

1020 10th Street West

Metro Grocery Store

1070 2nd Avenue East

Steve & Kim’s Food Basics

1350 16th Street East

Terney’s Smoke Shop

819 2nd Avenue East

Zehr’s Food Plus

1150 16th Street East

Bag Tags may also be purchased individually at:

Service Owen Sound - City Hall

808 2nd Avenue East

Public Works Building

1900 20th Street East

The Library

824 1st Avenue West

For more information please call Public Works 519-376-4274.

NOTE: The Miller Waste Transfer Station is a privately owned and operated facility and does not accept City of Owen Sound Bag Tags in lieu of payment.


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