Solar-City Use


 City Solar Projects
The City of Owen Sound has two 10 kW ground-mount solar panel installations on City properties and two 5 kW rooftop installations The purpose of the solar installations is to generate green energy and generate revenue for the City. The City owns the solar installations and the power produced is fed into the local energy grid. The City receives a monthly cheque from Hydro One for the energy produced by the solar panels.
 Solar Farms

The City of Owen Sound is supporting the development of Green Energy and generating revenue from under-utilized properties in the City Industrial Park by leasing lands to Biidaaske Incorporated for the development of Solar Farms.

Each of the three projects will generate 500 kv of Green Energy to be fed into the local electricity grid using ground-mounted single-axis tracking solar panels.  The projects are being built by Grasshopper Solar Corporation and are expected to be producing energy by April 2018. 

Solar Map

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