This office is responsible for land, municipal, and property taxes.

Services Offered

  •  Accept Payments for: Tax and Water / Waste Water Accounts, City Invoices

Point Of Sale for

  • Garbage Bag Tags

  • Dog and Cat Licences (link is external)

Respond to General, Tax & Water/Waste Water Inquiries

  •  Issue Statement Of Accounts To Municipal Taxpayers

Offer Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) Plans

  • Tax Instalment Only of Monthly Budget Plan

  • Water / Waste Water Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) Plan


  • Applications For Section 357/358 Tax Adjustments
  • Vacancy Tax Rebates on vacant Commercial & Industrial Properties

  • Charity Rebate Applications
  • Assessment Review Board Decisions
  • Minutes Of Settlements that Taxpayers have successfully negotiated with MPAC
  • Property Inquiry Request Form
  • Direct Tax Bills to Taxpayers' Mortgage Companies (if requested)

User fees may apply to some services offered.

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