Property Inquiry Requests

Please complete a property inquiry request form in full for each separate property for which you would like information. Forms that are not fully completed and/or not accompanied by the required fee will be returned unanswered. A minimum of 2-3 weeks is required for processing.

You can complete the form in one of two ways:

Completed forms can be dropped off at City Hall at either the SOS Counter or in the drop box (at the front doors, off 2nd Avenue East), mailed to City Hall, or emailed to

Any questions can be submitted to

Please note: If your request relates to the purchase or sale of a property, please complete the Property Sale/Purchase Form to inform the Tax and Water departments of your closing date and upcoming ownership change.

PIRF Fees & Explanation

The Municipal Act, 2001, Sec. 352, authorizes the Treasurer to issue Tax Certificates. Generally, these legal documents are meant to be supplied to law firms, banks, and mortgage companies acting for the owner on the purchase or sale of a property, and for refinancing purposes. Certificates give the annual taxes, any current or prior year arrears, and any local improvements billed to the property. There is a fee charged for this certificate. The information is valid only at the moment of production of the certificate, and does not anticipate future changes of the amount owing.

Certificates are only generated and printed upon receipt of the fee for same. The current fee is $80. If a copy of the cheque paying for the certificate is emailed to our office at, the requestor can call in thereafter to receive a verbal statement. A verbal is not provided without the ordering of a certificate.

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