Intergovernmental Relations Action Plan

Intergovernmental relations are critical to advance and secure the City's funding, policy and legislative priorities. All City divisions engage in a range of informal intergovernmental activities, and this work will be enriched through the strategic approach of the Intergovernmental Relations Action Plan.

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Advocacy Priorities

The Citizen Satisfaction Survey findings identified that some of the most important issues facing Owen Sound today require a concerted, community-wide response and are not the sole purview of one organization or level of government.

The advocacy priorities are:

  • Affordable housing, cost of living, homelessness
  • COVID-19
  • Health, public health, mental health
  • Employment and workforce development
  • Climate action
  • Escalating municipal government liability and insurance costs
  • Sustainable funding to offset the true cost of providing court security
  • Stable funding for municipalities
  • Development of a Regional Comprehensive Transportation Plan for Georgian Bay and the Bruce Peninsula
  • Awarding of grants that align with the municipal budget process and the provision of longer timelines to complete construction work

Core Activities

The Intergovernmental Relations Action Plan provides a comprehensive approach for improving the coordination and effectiveness of the City’s intergovernmental relations efforts, while building the relationships and partnerships necessary to influence policies and decisions. The core activities of the Action Plan focus on ACE: Advocacy, Collaboration and Education.

  • Advocacy for policy and issue-specific priorities and needs.
  • Collaboration with local and regional partners and municipal networks to build broad support for addressing issues and creating change.
  • Education for policy makers in issues, needs, and community impacts of government policy and programs.

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