Community Services

The Community Services Department places a high priority on creating a community where development enhances the City and creates a safe urban environment where our residents and visitors can be active and healthy. The Department is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Building - Responsible for ensuring that all construction within the City conforms to the Ontario Building Code, City By-laws and other applicable laws.
  • Planning & Heritage - Provides customer service to residents, developers, builders and others regarding the ongoing development opportunities in our city. The division is also responsible for heritage programs within the City.
  • Community Programs & Facility Bookings - Responsible for booking the City's recreational facilities and provides recreation programs and opportunities for an active healthy lifestyle.
  • Special Events - Responsible for many cultural and special events as well as implementation of the City's Cultural Award Program and other initiatives.
  • Parks & Open Space - Manages, administers and maintains the City's parks, playing fields, trails and open spaces to ensure that they are available for use and enjoyment of visitors and residents. The division is also responsible for management and administration of the cemetery grounds and buildings.
  • Economic Development - Markets the City to new residents, businesses and visitors with an overall goal to attract new investment and jobs to improve the vitality of the local economy.
  • Tourism - Markets the City and its resources (cultural, historic, natural and built); developing new products to enhance the visitor experience; supporting our tourism industry (accommodators, retailers, service providers and tourism operators).
  • Business Enterprise Centre - Provides consulting, education and training to attract new businesses and also encourages existing ones to review, renew and plan strategies for continuing success.
  • Property & Building Management - Effectively operates and manages City owned buildings and properties focusing on safety, preventative maintenance and protection of asset investment.
  • Recreation Facilities - Responsible for the management, administration, customer service, maintenance, housekeeping, safety and technical operation of the Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre and the Julie McArthur Regional Recreation Centre.


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