2022 Election Results

Election Results

Please find the election results for the 2022 Municipal and School Board Elections below or in the Official Results Report

The City Clerk certified the election results on October 25, 2022.

CandidateTotal VotesFinancials
Ian BODDY  3372 Form 4
Richard THOMAS  2697 Form 4
Deputy Mayor
CandidateTotal VotesFinancials
Scott GREIG  3717 Form 4
Brian O'LEARY  2233 Form 4
CandidateTotal VotesFinancials
Jon FARMER  3942 Form 4
Travis DODD  3888 Form 4
Carol MERTON  3534 Form 4
Melanie MIDDLEBRO'  3443 Form 4
Brock HAMLEY  3201 Form 4
Marion KOEPKE  3048 Form 4
Suneet KUKREJA  2916 Form 4
Meghan ROBERTSON  2723 Form 4
Jeffrey CALDWELL  1744 Form 4
Robert GALBRAITH  1428 Form 4
Michelle TOMPKINS  994 Form 4
Jasmine SCHNARR  971 Form 4
Alan DOUGLAS  946 Form 4


Bluewater District School Board Trustee - English Public
CandidateTotal VotesFinancials
Michael CRAIG  2770 Form 4
Barry FOULDS  1484 Form 4

Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board Trustee - English Separate

*Note: These results include total votes cast in the City of Owen Sound, the Municipality of Meaford and Town of The Blue Mountains.  
CandidateTotal VotesFinancials
Bruce MUISE  474 Form 4
Michael BLACK  354 Form 4

Conseil scolaire Viamonde Trustee - French Public

*Note: These are Owen Sound votes ONLY. The certified results, when available, will include votes from all municipalities within the school district and are available on the City of Barrie’s website.
CandidateTotal VotesFinancials
Eric LAPOINTE  6 Form 4
Saveria CARUSO  6 Form 4

Conseil scolaire catholique Providence Trustee - French Separate

*Note: These are Owen Sound votes ONLY.  The certified results, when available, will include votes from all municipalities within the school district and are available on the City of Sarnia's website.
CandidateTotal VotesFinancials
Meghan REALE  3 Form 4

Compliance Audit Committee

The municipalities of Grey County have established a joint committee of members who will serve on retainer and from whom sub-committees will be established to address each application for a compliance audit and each instance of identified over-contribution.

Committee Members

The following committee members have been appointed to serve on the Grey County Compliance Audit Committee from 2022-2026:

  • Bryan G. Allendorf
  • John Leslie Hollins
  • Miranda Lahtinen
  • David Nusko
  • Dan Sullivan
Terms of Reference
City Council established the committee through By-law No. 2022-062 which included Terms of Reference.
Compliance Audit Requests

If a qualified elector believes on reasonable grounds that a candidate has contravened the Municipal Elections Act relating to election campaign finances, they can make an application for a compliance audit, which will then be considered by the Compliance Audit Committee.

Compliance audit requests must be submitted to the Clerk in writing, setting out the reasons for the elector's belief, within 90 days of the latest of the following:

  • The filing date under section 88.30 (March 31, 2023);
  • The date the candidate filed a financial statement, if the statement was filed within 30 days after the applicable filing date under section 88.30 (up to May 1, 2023);
  • The candidate's supplementary filing date, if any, under section 88.30; or
  • The date on which the candidate's extension, if any, under section 88.23 (6) expires.

Financial statements for each of the candidates can be found above beside each of their names, linked with the word 'Form 4'.

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