2018 Election

Election Results and Campaign Finance Declarations

Please find the election results and campaign finance declarations for the 2018 Municipal and School Board Elections below.

Candidate Votes Campaign Finance Declarations
Ian Boddy 5943 Form 4
Ray Botten 279 Form 4
Nancy-Lee Rosamond 352 Form 4
 Deputy Mayor
Candidate Votes Campaign Finance Declarations
Brian O'Leary 3691 Form 4
Paul Patille 2415 Form 4
Candidate Votes Campaign Finance Declarations
Travis Dodd 4082 Form 4
Jacquie Furtner 2598 Form 4
Scott Greig 3635 Form 4
Brock Hamley 2807 Form 4
Steven Hencze 1363 Form 4
Marion Koepke 3127 Form 4
Peter Lemon 2733 Form 4
Gail McCartney 1663 Form 4
Carol Merton 2813 Form 4
Denae Moores 2653 Form 4
John A. Tamming 3579 Form 4
Richard Thomas 4074 Form 4
Bill Twaddle 2013 Form 4
Riel Warrilow 2027 Form 4
 Bluewater District School Board Trustee - English Public
Candidate Votes Campaign Finance Declarations
Erin Foulds               1843 Notice of Default
Jennifer Miller 2524 Form 4
 Bruce-Grey Catholic School Board Trustee - English Separate
Candidate Votes Campaign Finance Declarations
Norman Bethune ACCLAIMED Form 4
 Conseil Scolaire Viamonde Trustee - French Public
Candidate Votes
Guy Belcourt 404
Saveria Caruso 209
Eric Lapointe 438
 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence Trustee - French Separate
Candidate Votes

Alexandre Alary


Compliance Audit Committee

The municipalities of Grey County have established a joint committee of members who will serve on retainer and from whom sub-committees will be established to address each application for a compliance audit and each instance of identified over-contribution.

Committee Members

The following committee members have been appointed to serve on the Grey County Compliance Audit Committee from 2018-2022:

  • John Cameron
  • Ann Dumyn
  • Miranda Lahtinen
  • David Nusko
  • Ken Duffy
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Sonya Mount

A brief biography for each member can be found here.

Terms of Reference

City Council established the committee through By-law No. 2018-099 which included Terms of Reference.

Compliance Audit Requests

If a qualified elector believes on reasonable grounds that a candidate has contravened the Municipal Elections Act relating to election campaign finances, they can make an application for a compliance audit, which will then be considered by the compliance audit committee.  

Compliance audit requests must be submitted to the Clerk, setting out the reasons for the elector's belief, within 90 days of the latest of the following:

  • the filing date under s.88.30 (March 29, 2019);
  • the date the candidate filed a financial statement, if the statement was filed within 30 days after the applicable filing date (up to April 29, 2019);
  • the candidate's supplementary filing date, if any, under s.88.30; or
  • the date on which the candidates extension, if any, under section 88.23(6) expires.

Financial Statements can be found here and show the date of filing.


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