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Collection Calendar

City garbage collection occurs every other week on the same day as your Blue Box collection.
The Bag Limit is four bags (or containers) every two weeks.

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Please make sure that your Garbage, Blue Box and Corrugated Cardboard are placed at the curb by 8:00 am on the appropriate day. Garbage bags can be no larger than 89 x 127 cm (35 x 50 inches) and garbage cans no larger than 136 litres (30 Imperial Gallon) capacity. Garbage bags or containers are limited to 18 kg (40 lbs) including the container. Any bag or container exceeding these limits will not be picked up. Please flatten and bundle all corrugated cardboard placed at the curb for collection.

Bag Tags
Prohibited Materials for Garbage Collection

Pick Up Schedules 2016

Pick Up Schedules 2017

How to Minimize Garbage Odours

  • Use a well-sealed garbage can
  • Keep your garbage can clean and dry
  • Double bag garbage if not using a garbage can
  • Keep garbage containers out of direct sunlight
  • Store garbage away from decks and open windows if possible
  • Use odour-shield garbage bags
  • Place odourous items (such as soiled diapers) in a sealed bag before placing them in your garbage can or bag
  • Solids from soiled diapers can be flushed down the toilet
  • Use an odour absorber in your garbage can such as an Air Sponge or baking soda
  • Odours can be reduced with commercial sprays or moth balls
  • Deliver periodic excess waste directly to the Transfer Station
  • Use your backyard composter as much as possible

For further information on City Waste Management Programs please call the Public Works Division at 519-376-4274

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