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City Hall Renovation

City Hall is being renovated. Staff and offices are relocating temporarily during the construction process.



When is the move?
The move begins on October 13th, and all City Hall staff should be moved out by October 31st.
Where is the new location?
City Hall and Engineering staff and offices are relocating to:
The Professional Centre
945 3rd Avenue East
Owen Sound, Ontario
N4K 2K8
Will phone numbers remain the same?
Yes, all staff phone numbers, extensions, e-mail, and mailing addresses will remain the same.
When do certain offices move?
If you have a scheduled meeting or wish to speak with someone in a particular department, it is recommended you call ahead to confirm their location during the transition period. While dates might vary slightly, the anticipated moving schedule for certain offices is as follows:
  • October 13: IT, Parks Admin, Facilities Management
  • October 14: By-law and Parking
  • October 18: Property Tax
  • October 21: Mayor and City Manager
  • October 25: HR
  • October 26: Building, Economic Development
  • October 27: Planning and Heritage, Special Events, and Tourism
  • October 28: Facilities Booking, Recreation
  • October 31: Service Owen Sound and the Clerk’s counters.
  • November: Engineering, Payroll

How long is this temporary relocation?
City Hall’s renovation is expected to last 16 months (until early 2018).

Which entrance do I use when I arrive at the Professional Centre?
You should arrive at the East entrance off 4th Avenue East. Signs will be posted once you enter the building to clearly identify specific office locations.
Is there parking available at the Professional Centre?
Yes, as at City Hall, there are six signed 1 hour free parking spots for visitors and guests. There are also two free accessible parking spots for persons with disabilities. There are also many other parking spots in the vicinity of the Professional Centre to accommodate short and long-term visits.
Will parking be available in the City Hall parking lot during the renovation?
While much of the parking lot will be absorbed by construction equipment, materials and contractor parking, attempts will be made to allow for some parking spots during the project.
Is any office not involved in the move?
Public Works staff will remain in their current office on 20th Street East.


Who is the Architect?
Kongats Architects is the architectural firm. ( 23 Morrow Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 2H9).
What is the total budget for the renovation project?
The project’s total budget is anticipated to be $8.3 million.
How is this project funded?
This cost of this renovation project will be debentured and paid in annual installments. Additionally, some funds have been put aside in recent years anticipating this renovation project. Applications have also been made for grants to cover some of the cost.
Which Council members are on the City Hall Accommodations Ad Hoc Committee?
  • Mayor Ian Boddy
  • Councillor Brian O’Leary, Chair
  • Councillor Marion Koepke
  • Councillor Jim McManaman

What is the timeline for the project?

  • October 2016: Staff move into the Professional Centre.
  • November/December 2016: Abatement of substance.
  • January 2017: Renovation project commences.
  • April 2018: Renovation project is expected to conclude.

Can I or my company have the opportunity to work on this project?
The project will require General Contractors. An RFPQ-16G.1 has been issued and interested parties are encouraged to apply:


What is being renovated at City Hall?
  • City Hall is being renovated to:
  • Remove mould and asbestos;
  • Replace the fire alarm system;
  • Replace the mechanical system;
  • Replace electrical wiring;
  • Replace leaking plumbing;
  • Install a modern security system;
  • Construct two modern boardrooms for community meetings;
  • Repointing exterior brick and mortar;
  • Update accessibility to be AODA compliant;
  • Excavate a portion of the lower level; and
  • Create a modern office structure to improve service delivery.
Why wasn’t City Hall razed and built elsewhere?
It was determined that moving City Hall would have a detrimental impact on the character and vitality of the downtown core. The estimated cost of a new building was $20 million.
Will the new City Hall be environmentally-friendly?
Yes, the renovated building will be environmentally-friendly with:
  • Energy-efficient windows;
  • Improved insulation to prevent heat loss;
  • Natural gas high-efficient boiler system;
  • Variable Refrigeration Flow system (using refrigerant as cooling, while generated heat will heat domestic hot water);
  • Separation of storm and sanitary service;
  • Heat recovery ventilation system to improve climate control; and
  • New LED lighting system.
What is City Hall expected to look like?
Lobby and West Entrance:
Lobby and West Entrance
Corporate Services Counter:
Corporate Services Counter
Reception and Offices:
Reception and Offices
Community Rooms:
Community Rooms
2nd Avenue East View:
2nd Avenue East View
Market View:
Market View
When was City Hall built on this location?
The current City Hall was built in 1965, and is over 50 years old. This existing building is approximately 2,223m2 in area.
Who do I contact if I have comments or questions?
You are welcome to write to: and staff will reply to your inquiry promptly.

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