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Building Permits

Building Permits

The Building Division is responsible for ensuring all construction in the City meets required standards for structure, fire and life safety, and land use. This responsibility rests primarily with the Chief Building Official, often called the CBO, and sometimes referred to as the Building Inspector. Construction standards and other requirements are set out in provincial statutes and regulations such as the Ontario Building Code, and municipal by-laws such as the Building By-law and Zoning By-law

The process which ensures this mandate is achieved is through the issuance of Building Permits and the subsequent required inspections. The CBO is empowered to stop construction work where there is non-compliance with the Building Code or municipal by-laws.

To obtain a Building Permit for a project which does not comply with the City of Owen Sound Zoning By-Law, a minor variance is necessary; please contact the Planning Division.

Building Permit Application

– click on the link to open a pdf version of the application where indicated:

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