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Report Graffiti


Please email to report graffiti to City Officials.

Graffiti Awareness and Community Engagement Information

Graffiti Removal Tips

  • Remove graffiti from your property as soon as possible. The sooner you clean, the easier it will come off.
  • Fresh paint is more easily removed than paint that has had time to bond with a surface.
  • In the event of a return visit, remove it as soon as possible, the person wants to be seen, take that thrill away from them.
  • Report existing graffiti on City or private property on-line using the form on this page.
  • If you see someone in the act of putting up graffiti anywhere in the city, call the police by dialling 9-1-1.
  • Always remember that safety comes first and do not confront the vandal(s) on your own.
  • If you spot graffiti on your neighbour's property, inform them right away. Encourage them to clean it up as soon as possible.
  • Consider pooling resources and sharing the cost of the clean-up materials.
  • If you have to cover up graffiti, paint the whole wall. If it's not possible to paint the entire wall, block off the offending section with a square or rectangle-shaped area of paint.
  • Avoid using paint to cover up graffiti on bare surfaces such as unpainted concrete, stone or brick walls. Instead, remove the graffiti with solvents and other specialized supplies or call a professional for help.
  • Where possible and economically feasible, install extra lighting and cameras or plant ivy.
  • Don’t leave old skids or milk crates, etc. outside, they can be used to aid in climbing up buildings.
  • Store Owners: keep your markers and spray cans, etc. in conspicuous areas where they can be monitored. Ask a few questions when the individual purchasing the spray paint appears to be a minor.

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