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Lottery Licensing

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) requires a lottery licence anytime there is a chance to win a prize for a fee through a 50-50 draw, raffle, bingo, nevada sale or other type of lottery.

The City of Owen Sound issues lottery licences on behalf of the AGCO in accordance with their rules and regulations.

Obtaining a Lottery Licence

  1. Check to see if your group or organization is eligible for a lottery licence with the Clerks Department (see eligibility requirements below).
  2. If your group or organization is interested in raising funds through bingos, contact the Bingo Hall Administrator, Doug Seaman at (519) 376-4992 or
  3. Complete a raffle/bingo/nevada application form.  The form can be requested from the Clerks Department or is available on the AGCO website.  The fee is 3% of the value of the prize, and is due along with the completed application.
  4. Mail or hand deliver completed applications to:

    Owen Sound City Hall
    Clerks Department

    808 2nd Ave East
    Owen Sound, Ontario
    N4K 2H4

  5. The Clerks department will process the licence and contact your group when the licence is ready.
  6. Every group or organization must complete a lottery licence report when the lottery is complete and deposit all monies into a lottery trust bank account.

Eligibility for Lottery Licencing

To be eligible to receive a lottery licence, a group or organization must be a charitable organization or a non-profit organization with charitable purposes who’s activities fall under one of the following four classifications:

  1. relief of poverty
  2. advancement of education
  3. advancement of religion
  4. other charitable purposed beneficial to the community that do not fall under a) b) or c).

An overview of these and further lottery requirements can be found on the AGCO website at

For further information, please contact Lee-Anne Kazarian, Legislative Services Coordinator at 519-376-4440 # 1268 or

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