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Zoning By-law

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The information found on this page is meant to be used as a guide only. Please note that all information contained on this webpage is subject to change.Please contact the Planning Division for specific information.

What is a Zoning By-law?

A comprehensive zoning by-law is a municipality’s method of legally managing the development of the land within the City planning area by stating: 1) how land can be used, and 2) the required standards.  These standards include lot size and dimensions, setbacks from property lines, building location, building type and parking requirements.

The ‘Citizen’s Guide to Land-use Planning’ is a Provincial government publication and provides a comprehensive and clear summary of the key aspects of land-use planning. Section 3 of the Guide deals specifically with zoning by-laws. Explore the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing (MMAH) website for lots of information on planning, local governments, and housing.

Citizen’s Guide to Land-use Planning

Understanding Hazard Zone Mapping

Both the PPS and City’s Official Plan direct development away from hazardous areas.  Zoning By-law 2010-078, as amended, includes an updated single Hazard Zone (with no additional 12m setback) which addresses slopes, floodplains, waterbodies, etc.

The Grey Sauble Conservation Authority has worked hard to provide detailed mapping of the Hazard Zone areas based on specific criteria relating to watercourses, steep slopes, and the Lake Huron shoreline as directed by the PPS.  These criteria are based on provincial policy, including the PPS and Technical Guidelines created by the Ministry of Natural Resources in support of the PPS.

The Grey Sauble Conservation Authority has provided a summary description of how the hazard zone boundaries have been mapped for different landforms in the City.

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) also has a publication to assist in explaining the Natural Hazards Policies of the PPS.  This publication is entitled “Understanding Natural Hazards” and is available in two parts on the MNR website.

Applications and Documents

PLEASE NOTE the materials and information provided on this webpage are to assist in sharing information with the community and gathering input. The development of the City's new comprehensive Zoning By-law is an on-going process; therefore, the contents of the webpage are subject to change through regular updates. While all attempts are made to ensure the posted information is current, accurate and complete; for legal purposes please refer to original documents available through the City Clerk and formal notices provided under the Planning Act.



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