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Building Division staff ensure that the construction complies with the Ontario Building Code and the drawings upon which the Building Permit was issued. You must call for inspections when they are required. Mandatory or required inspections are listed or noted on the permit or other documentation issued with the permit. It is a violation to proceed without calling for an inspection when one is required. Failure to call for a required inspection may result in completed works having to be removed in order to approve work that is hidden, which can cost you both time and money.

The Owner, Contractor or Authorized Agent must notify the Building Division at least two full regular business days in advance of the following stages of work to request an inspection:

Inspection Stages

These are the general stages of Inspection, in order, for all types of Permits. Please confer with a Building Official directly for clarification:

  • Footings (prior to placement of concrete)
  • Lateral Sewers & Water (prior to backfill)
  • Foundation
  • Under Slab Drains
  • Rough-In Plumbing
  • Framing - All rough-in plumbing, wiring, rough-in mechanical and other services must be complete.
  • Solid Fuel Burning Appliance (e.g., wood stoves, fireplaces)
  • Insulation & Vapour/Air Barrier
  • Fire Separations - Contact your Building Inspector for the timing of this inspection.
  • Fire Protection Systems - Stand pipe, sprinkler, fire alarm and emergency lighting systems are also inspected by the Owen Sound Fire Department. Contact the Fire Prevention Office (519) 376-2512.
  • Final Plumbing
  • Final Interior - You must have a water meter installed by the City to receive the 'occupancy certificate'. A list of inspection items for occupancy is available from your Building Inspector or at the Building & By-law Division office.
  • Final Exterior


No person shall occupy or use any building unless notice of the completion date has been given to the Chief Building Official and an occupancy inspection has been made.

If you have any questions regarding the inspections or the inspection process please contact the Building Division.

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