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Emergency Response Plan

City Of Owen Sound Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

In our daily lives, we may consider a disaster as an event with very little probability of occurring in our community or our lives. Yet natural disasters (such as blizzards); technological; environmental accidents, or service disruptions (like the massive power blackout in August 2003), can strike any community, at anytime.

The City of Owen Sound is proactive in preparing, reviewing and updating the official Emergency Response Plan (ERP). The ERP provides guidance to key officials, agencies and departments within the city regarding their expected response to a serious, large-scale emergency as well as an overview of what their individual responses should be.

The Owen Sound Fire & Emergency Services Department maintains the City of Owen Sound ’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP). For additional information regarding the ERP, please contact:

Owen Sound Fire & Emergency Services Department
1209 3rd Avenue East
Owen Sound, Ontario
N4K 2L6
519-372-0757 Fax


For additional information on how to “Be Prepared”, please explore the links below to find out how you can be prepare you and your family in the eventuality that a disaster does occur.

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