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Corrugated Cardboard Recycling

Corrugated Cardboard is the thick cardboard that large cardboard boxes are made from. Corrugated boxes must be flattened and tied in a bundle or placed in another cardboard box when placed at the curb for pick-up.Corrugated Cardboard

Unlike Boxboard containers (such as cereal boxes) corrugated cardboard containers (such as pizza boxes) are not accepted in the regular curbside Blue Box collection.

Corrugated cardboard is picked up separately every Wednesday in the downtown core and one Monday per month throughout the rest of the City with the exception of the Industrial Park. The collection dates for your area are illustrated on the Waste Management Collection Calendar.

Corrugated cardboard must be placed out for collection before 7:00 am downtown and before 8:00 am in the rest of the City.

Corrugated cardboard may also be delivered to the City Recycling Depot at the Miller Waste Transfer Station free of charge. Please flatten your corrugated cardboard boxes and place them in the designated bin.

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