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Volunteer of the Year

The City of Owen Sound celebrates our volunteers for their desire to make a difference in their community and in their own life by giving of their time and expertise.  Volunteers are people from all walks of life, all ages and stages.  Volunteers play a vital contribution to the vibrancy, diversity and strength of our community.

During a City Council meeting in April, the nominees are recognized for their contributions and a Tom Thomson framed print is presented to the volunteer(s).

For more information, contact Brenda Dailey, Facilities Booking Co-ordinator, at 519-376-4440 ext. 1255 or email

The Award


  • City of Owen Sound residents and participating townships partnering with the City’s recreation cost-sharing agreement will be eligible for consideration for the “Volunteer of the Year Award”. “Senior of the Year Award” is for Owen Sound residents only.
  • Long-term service of 15 years or more will be given higher priority.
  • Must have performed such service on a wholly volunteer basis and not for pay.
  • Nominees who have been submitted previously, but have not been selected for award can be re-submitted.
  • Municipal, provincial and federal politicians presently holding office are not eligible to nominate or to be nominated.
  • Members of the candidate’s immediate family are not eligible to nominate or act as references. Immediate family includes: partner, parent, child, grandparent, grandchild and siblings.
  • In the event that a nomination being submitted is for a deceased person, the nomination will be deemed valid for consideration for the “Volunteer of the Year Award”.
  • Previous winners of the “Volunteer of the Year Award” will be eligible for nomination again after 15 years.


  • The Selection Committee is the members of the Recreation & Parks Advisory Committee.
  • It is recommended that members of the Selection Committee consider whether or not they are in a conflict of interest situation when a member of their immediate family is nominated.  Immediate family includes:  partner, parent, child, grandparent, grandchild and siblings.
  • The Selection Committee will evaluate the applications taking into consideration the following factors:
    • accumulative number of years/months of volunteer hours the nominee has performed (minimum of 15 years is required);
    • made a significant contribution to a broad range of organizations;
    • evident that nominee has gone “above and beyond” to improving the organization
    • type of service (recognized by other organizations e.g. awards, honours, achievement at the Local, Provincial or National Level;
    • volunteer time commitment.
  • All nominations received are not necessarily approved.
  • The Selection Committee’s recommendations will be forwarded to City Council for final approval of the selected volunteers prior to the successful candidates being notified.
  • Only the individuals who are selected will be notified.
  • The Selection Committee will review criteria on an annual basis.

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