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Community Services

Department Mandate

Serving business, residents and visitors, Community Services is committed to maintain and promote a strong business climate and an active, attractive and safe community.

Partnered with non-profit community groups, business and industry, government and others, Community Services offers recreation programs, exciting events and cultural experiences.

Experienced professionals help protect investment in buildings and property, support architectural preservation, generate investment in the community and aid in the growth of small business.

  • Recreation (City Recreation Programs, Facility Info, etc)
  • Ice Allocation
      2015 Ice Allocation Policy – By-law No.2016-009 approved by Council January 25, 2016
    Bayshore Community Centre
  • Building
    • Building Permits: required to construct, renovate and/or alter existing or new buildings or structures
    • Inspection: of projects under permit
    • Sign Permits: required to erect signs
    • Statistics: value of construction, etc.
  • Animal Shelter: provides care to stray animals
  • Harrison Park
  • Arboriculture
  • Maintaining City Parks/Greenspace and Sportsfields
  • Playground Maintenance & Planning
  • Planning
  • Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Cemetery Administration
  • 2014 Municipal Alcohol Policy


Community Services Department
808 2nd Avenue East (City Hall)
Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 2H4
519-376-4440 Ext 1256

Director: Pam Coulter
Administrative Assistant: Pat Bryant




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