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Market Size

Owen Sound offers residents the feeling of connection within a close-knit community of about 22,000 people. But as the hub of the Grey Bruce region it also offers the opportunities that come along with a much larger marketplace.

Business, shopping and government throughout the region centre around Owen Sound. This makes our city a natural place to work, to visit and to live for the over 158,000 residents of the Grey Bruce region.

MapMarket within the City

Owen Sound's population was 21,688 in 2012. The number of jobs within the city's boundaries was 17,282.

Regional Market Drivers in Owen Sound:

  • Attack Hockey Club
  • Bayshore Broadcasting
  • Dock
  • Grey Bruce Regional Health Center
  • Heritage Mall Shopping Center
  • Owen Sound Family Health Team

Market within the Region

Grey Bruce's regional population was 158,670 in 2012, with 75,331 total jobs within a 45 minute driving range of Owen Sound. The regional labour force is 90,000, with a diverse range of skills.

Employment sectors within the 45 minute driving ring:

Retail - 12%
Health Care - 10.9%
Manufacturing - 9.3%
Construction - 7.9%
Accommodation and Food - 7.6%
Utilities - 6.7%

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