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Resources and Links

Below are recommended sources of information to help you start or run your business.

General Resources:

Provincial Business Information – The Provincial Business Information site will help guide you to the government services, forms and information for your business.

Canada Business Network - The Canada Business Network site is a great general resource to get reliable, up to date information on starting a business.

Ministry of Economic Development and Growth – The Ministry of Economic Development and Growth site offers a lot of additional information.

Where do I go for financing?

Financing Options – This link offers sources where you may be able to obtain financing.

Guides for specific types of businesses:

The guides below are published to help you with information related to specific types of businesses in Ontario.

Evaluating yourself

Step 1: Evaluating Yourself and Your Idea - determine whether you are suited for entrepreneurship as well as a viability/feasibility check list for your business idea.

Step 2: Assessment Tool at BDC - an online quiz to help you determine if you are comfortable taking the step of starting your own business.

How do I assess market viability?

Grey County Economic Development Viewer – The Grey County Economic Development Viewer website helps visualize current and future socioeconomic trends in the County of Grey and the County of Bruce.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada – The Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada website offers economic and market research statistics.

Statistics Canada – The Statistics Canada website finds economic, social and census data.

CANSIM – The CANSIM website searches Stats for Canada key socioeconomic data.

Benchmarking Tool – The Benchmarking Tool website offers industry-specific income statement and balance sheet data for small and medium sized businesses.

Four County Planning Board – The Four County Planning Board website provides local area labour market information.

Small Business Statistics – The Small Business Statistics website offers key small business statistics.

Canada Post – The Canada Post website provides household counts and maps.

What rules, regulations and other considerations could affect my business?

Points of Consideration: The Points of Consideration link covers forms of business ownership, and other considerations for specific types of businesses.

Municipal Regulations: Municipal Regulations offers an overview of the City of Owen Sound’s municipal business licence and contact information for other municipalities in Grey/ Bruce.

Provincial Regulations: The Provincial Regulations link provides information on the Master Business Licence and other provincial regulations.

Federal Regulations: This link to Federal Regulations offers a general overview of the federal government’s BN number.

Canadian Revenue Agency: The Canada Revenue Agency website offers general information and all necessary forms.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office – The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) website offers patents, trade-marks, copyrights, Industrial designs, and Integrated circuit products.

Incorporating ProvinciallyIncorporating Provincially information.

Incorporating FederallyIncorporating Federally information.

Liquor LicenceLiquor License information.

Garage LicencingGarage Licensing information.

Child Care LicencingChild Care Licensing information.

Importing / ExportingImporting/ Exporting information.

Canadian Food Inspection AgencyCanadian Food Inspection Agency information.

Food Labelling GuideFood Labelling Guide information.

Non-Food Labelling GuideNon-Food Labelling Guide information.

MERX – The MERX website connect to buyers in the federal, provincial and MASH sectors to bid on Canadian public-sector contracts.

Technical Standards and Safety Authority – The Technical Standards and Safety Authority website delivers safety services on behalf of the provincial government.

What should I consider before I hire employees?

Employee Regulations – This link provides an overview of your obligations and responsibilities as an employer.

Hiring Subsidies – This link provides information on different programs and subsidies to assist with the cost of hiring new staff.

YMCA Employment Services – This link provides helpful information.

VPI Working Solutions – This link also provides helpful information.

Where can i find help with my business plan?

Preparing a Business Plan – This link is a resource to help walk you through the different sections of a business plan.

Financial Statements – This is a link that offers a sample statement. Additionally, the Business Enterprise Centre has a computer with Microsoft Excel for public use.

What are some other business supports?

Owen Sound & District Chamber of Commerce
Downtown Improvement Area
Bruce Community Futures Development Corporation
Saugeen Economic Development Corporation
Centre for Business and Economic Development

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