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Alcohol Policy

This policy relates to municipal facilities eligible for Special Occasion Permits. The policy is to complement the regulations and legislation of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario pertaining to Special Occasion Permits.

The principle objects can, therefore, be stated as including the following as related to Special

  • Occasion Permits, municipal property and alcohol use:
  • To reinforce Liquor License Board of Ontario regulations
  • To encourage Server Training for users of the facilities
  • To protect organizers, the participating public and the City of liability
  • To encourage responsible and moderate drinking practices at “Special Occasion Permit” events.
  • To designate facilities where alcohol can be served with a Special Occasion Permit.

*2014 Municipal Alcohol Policy- NEW*

Municipal Alcohol Policy

Facility Rates

Please refer to Schedule 'D' on the Fees and Charges By-law

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