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Ball Diamonds

Note: Rates are based on a 2.5 hour time slot. All rates include G.S.T.

Duncan McLellan - class A
 Address: 800 18th Street East, Owen Sound

St. George's - class A
Address: 510 10th Street East, Owen Sound

Tom Williams - class A
Address: 2499 8th Avenue West, Owen Sound

Harrison Fields (Northeast & South)  - class B

Address: 350 15th Street West, Owen Sound

Hillcrest School - class C
Address: 501 8th Street West, Owen Sound

Kelso Beach - class B
Address: 100 19th Street West, Owen Sound

Kinsmen (Milt Brown Park)  - class B
Address: 1800 7th Avenue West, Owen Sound

St. Juliens - class B

Address: 450 22nd Street West, Owen Sound

Victoria Park East - class B
Address: 800 10th Street East, Owen Sound

Map of Ball Diamond Locations - pdf

Ball Diamond Map Owen Sound









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