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City of Owen Sound Budget

Owen Sound BudgetCity Council held four days of meetings to arrive at the draft 2015 City of Owen Sound Budget. The services provided for in the 2015 budget are very similar to those provided in 2014. Council has asked that a review of services be conducted and staff is working on timelines and options for that review. 

The Proposed 2015 Budget would see an increase of 4.41 % over the 2014 Budget. 

There are three components to each tax notice. These components are: 

City Budget 60 % 

County Budget 20 % 

Education Levy 20 % 

The County budget and the Education Levy are not final at this time however; it appears they will not be increasing. With that assumption combining the tax levies of all three components the total budgetary increase across all property tax classes would be approximately 2.65 %. 

Council encourages ratepayers to review the budget and your input is appreciated. Should there be any questions or clarification needed please call Director of Corporate Services Kate Allan at 519-376-4440 Ext 1238 or email 












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